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Jeff Tracy

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JTSD Productions LLC came to fruition when two college friends re-united after 20 years of hit and miss contact. Steve Dipaola and Jeff Tracy attended Oregon State University in the late 1970’s. Both were in the school of Journalism and both worked on the Daily Barometer as photographers and writers respectively. Steve Dipaola’s career behind the camera is one of notable accomplishments. His clients include Nike, Sports One, the Safeway Foundation, and Tournament Golf Foundation etc. Steve is also the photographer for Reuters in the Portland Oregon region.


Jeff Tracy has had a successful career in syndicated radio program hosting and production along with appearing as the Cowboy Cook for over ten years on television. Jeff has also written a cookbook “That Little Tree” for which Steve did the photography. Jeff has also appeared movies and on stage.


Both Steve and Jeff have a serious addiction for golf. Although this affliction has gone well beyond the treatment stage, they both seem to manage this problem with a smile. They have found the more time spent on the course the easier life is for their respective families in particular their wives.


Grilling at the Green is a collaborative effort between them. The golfing lifestyle is different for each individual, but there is a common thread of living richly and fully. Grilling at the Green will bring selected versions of the lifestyle to your radio and explore the stories, lives and kitchens of those who love and live this sport.


Steve and Jeff bring their media experience and a dash of personal flavor to “Grilling at the Green.”

Steve Dipaola

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