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Welcome to Grilling at the and Grilling at the Green Radio on AM 860 The Answer KPAM.

Our site and our show is all about people who enjoy golf and good living. Our inaugural show features Pat Boyle from KXL in Portland. Pat is a award winning reporter, actress, wife, mom and golfer. Pat share her story with us on the air and you can listen to that show on our media page. Joining Pat on the “Grilling” is Jodene Scott, current president of the EWGA, Portland Chapter. Jodene is a fun and energetic person who is a natural born leader. Jodene shares some golf stories and wisdom, plus give us insight to the EWGA, which is a great organization for networking, making friends, meeting new people and of course golf. You will find a link for EWGA on our home page and a link to their summer schedule of events on our lifestyle page. I invite you all to visit the Portland Chapter site and explore the possibilities for you with the EWGA.

Each week on “Grilling” we will have guests sharing their golf stories and what the sport means to them.



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